It’s my first time coming in, what can I expect? +

Thank you wanting to visit MESS. You can expect superior customer service and food that will make you think about your next visit to MESS. We’re a fast-casual restaurant, which means you will wait in a line to order and once you order, you can have a seat anywhere you would like. We will bring your food out and pick up your plates when you’re done.

How long is the wait time at the moment? +

If you’re coming in on a Saturday or Sunday, the wait time can be anywhere from 10-30 minutes in line to order. If you’re coming in on a weekday, there most likely isn’t a wait. Tip: the earlier you come in, the shorter your wait.

Is the parking free if I’m eating at MESS? +

Century Square has a free parking garage located behind the movie theater. There is also free parking on Sundays, anywhere on the property.

Can I make a reservation? +

We do not take reservations as we are a fast casual restaurant. However, if you want to place a reservation on a weekday for a meeting, birthday, recruiting event, or work lunch, we may be able to accommodate you all. Send an e-mail to

Do you take phone orders? +

No, but we do have a very convenient online ordering system: Online Ordering

Is MESS pet-friendly? +

Our covered-patio is pet friendly.

Do you all have Gluten-Free or Vegan options? +

Yes, we have several gluten-free & vegan options. See our menu here: Menu

I love MESS and I want my own. Do you all franchise? +

Unfortunately, we do not franchise at the moment, but we really appreciate your interest.